Brick Breaker

The most satisfying & challenging arcade gameplay!

How to play?

• Swipe and launch the balls to break the bricks.
• Find the perfect angle to clear as many bricks as you can.
• Clear the board to win but be careful, if any brick comes all the way to the bottom, you will lose


⭐ Easy to play with a fresh and modern look
⭐ Colorful and relaxing brain puzzle
⭐ More than 1000 levels
⭐ Play the Quest mode to face thousands of levels
⭐ Beat your best score with the endless Infinity mode
⭐ Discover and use powerful bonuses
⭐ Face challenging obstacles
⭐ Play without connection, whenever and wherever you want
⭐ Classic arcade style graphics

Brick Breaker is completely FREE to play, enjoy now hours of brain teasers and fun and satisfying moments!