Spades – Card Game

Play the BEST Spades card game anywhere anytime!

Spades is definitely one of the most famous card game in the world.

Play and strategize with your partner and take the number of tricks you bid before the round. Be the first to reach 250 points to win!

Precision, strategy and good planning will be key to master the game.

Don’t forget, Spades are always trump!

How to play?

  • Bid the number of tricks you think you will be able to take.
  • Follow the suit led if possible. If you cannot, play a trump or discard
  • The trick is won by the player who played the highest card in the led suit orthe highest trump
  • Spades cannot be led unless they are broken, meaning previously used as trump
  • The round finishes when all 13 tricks have been played
  • Reach 250 or 500 points to win!

Why choose Spades?

♠ Tailored for mobile and tablet devices
♠ Easy to play with a modern and relaxing look
♠ Smart and adaptive partner and opponents AI
♠ Customize your background and cards
♠ Play with or without Sandbag penalty
♠ Play with or without Blind NIL
♠ Auto save so that you can resume whenever you want

Spades is completely FREE to play, enjoy now hours of exciting card games!