Little Chatterbox

Explore a city and learn 500 daily words

Explore the Little Chatterbox city with its 17 screens and 490 clickable objects in 9 languages. Monolingual as well as bilingual modes are available.

The first 10 words (outlined in green) are free, allowing you to experience the game. 4 additional sets of 120 words can be purchased.

As you go through the game, when an object is clicked, a video of a child appears, enunciating that word. You can go through all the city, learning new words as you go. Areas explored include the aquarium, to the zoo, the supermarket, the doctor’s office, the school, the farm, the woods, the beach and of course the home – all environments familiar to children.

Once a few objects have been clicked, a video appears, as well as four objects and you must choose which of four words has been enunciated.

Use as often as you can to accelerate the acquisition of basic vocabulary building blocks!

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