Play piano on an original way!

Farting on an original way. Be creative even with the funniest human sounds (farts).

You can play piano or compose like other classical genial maestros: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach… Play, record, listen recorded, play even while listening recorded songs.

With the growing library of specially selected instrument sounds (farts) and high quality of interpretations of classical masterpieces, you’ll have lot of fun playing with Farthoven. Amaze your friends with your farting skills at work, school, party or wherever you are.


  • Fully functional piano keyboard with support to five fingers at once. Play single notes, chords, roll on keyboard in every way you imagine.
  • Over 35 original Farting Instruments to choose, like short and sweet, piggy, mosquito, deep and wet and many many more.
  • More than 10 classical pre-recorded masterpieces to choose from, like Beethoven – Fur Elise, Mozart – Turkish March, Strauss – Blue Danube…
  • Fully functional synthesizer and sequencer with complete ability to Record and Play Songs in real time. You can even Play while you listen recorded songs.
  • Fully customizable settings including changing the Volume, recorded songs Playing Tempo and Key Labels on/off switch.

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