Ball Dizzy

Mesmerizing Emoticon Balls Arcade Puzzle for iPhone!

New and catchy iPhone game introducing colored emoticon balls.

The best from maze, pool, mini golf and puzzle games – all in one package. Innovative interface with colorful elements and real-time game physics are guarantee for hours of fun.

Objective of the game is very simple: You’re the bad bad Dizzy Ball and only reason You’re here is to get rid of all the sad and afraid emoticon balls. There are many obstacles and helpers on Your successful adventure through the game levels. There are fixed and rotating walls, bumpers, twisters, force fields, force rotators, cages, secret keys, etc. The way You use them makes them Your helpers or obstacles.


  • Simple, addictive game play
  • Perfect real-time game physics
  • Easy aim and shoot touch control
  • Original artwork
  • Increasing number of levels with each update

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