Alex The Fox

Catch the eggs – feed the fox!

It’s an idyllic countryside evening with crickets and owls echoing in the fields. Can anything disturb this beautiful night? Unfortunately Yes! There is something odd going on in the neighborhood…

Alex is a good boy, but because of his hunger he’s forced to be the egg thief. He’s up to his foxy foray but he has one slight problem. It’s the evening of the Full Moon and he’s exposed to the weird stares of the curious villagers. As soon as they spot him, they’re afoot and the mess begins. Pots, pans, pumpkins, scissors, everything they reach they throw on poor Alex…

Help Alex to avoid falling objects and catch enough eggs to feed himself. Go through as many levels as you can, while the situation complicates and quickens more and more. Then share your success with your friends on Facebook and Twitter through the OpenFeint integration.


  • First 5 levels: slow for training
  • Every 3rd level: new falling object
  • Every 5th level: new diamond score
  • Achievements: bonus, score & level
  • Speed: slow, then faster over time
  • Highest speed: level 150 – very hard 🙂


  • Fast and reflex demanding gameplay
  • Increasing difficulty over time
  • Play along with your iTunes music
  • Original artwork
  • Worldwide scores powered by Open Feint
  • Real-time Chat with friends & worldwide community
  • Facebook & Twitter shared achievements
  • Global, local and friends leaderboards
  • Find new friends directly from the game

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