Bush Tales: Meerkat Muchachos

Another Bush Tales edition for iPhone!

Hustler the Meerkat must rescue his fellow meerkats from their lonesome little homes but WATCH OUT, the meerkats three most deadliest foe the Cobra, Eagle and Jackal are on the prowl. Use Hustler’s jumping and kicking skills to avoid his enemies before they get to the meerkats first. Unearth the baby meerkats for extra lives and scorpions for extra bonus time. Unlimited levels.

Also included in this app is the Meerkat Muchachos musical tale. How did the Meerkats become united!


  • Fast and reflex demanding gameplay
  • Increasing difficulty over time
  • Play along with your iTunes music
  • Original artwork
  • Worldwide scores powered by Open Feint
  • Real-time Chat with friends & worldwide community
  • Facebook & Twitter shared achievements
  • Global, local and friends leaderboards
  • Find new friends directly from the game

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