Seraphim’s Scepter

Free the magical Seraphims in this revolutionary brick breaker!

Once upon a time, Seraphims or good fairies could be found everywhere. They made life better in so many ways. Peoples’ lives were more colorful, the birds sang more beautifully, and even food tasted better. Unfortunately, with time people forgot about Seraphims. As time passed their names were forgotten, they started to fade and then they became frozen in stones.

Find and rescue the beautiful Seraphims from their eternal captivity! Take a magical journey to find the Dream, Fire and Ice Seraphims’ hiding spots in order to set them free! Use the magical Seraphim’s Scepter and the Energy Ball to demolish the walls around them. It is up to you to free the Seraphims and make life good again!


  • Easy and addictive game play
  • Revolutionary bat control: One-Tap control will change your gaming experience!
  • 33 stunning levels
  • 3 Beautiful Seraphims to free! (One at the end of each section.)
  • Use Seraphim images as Wallpaper on you iPhone
  • Bonus Items: magnet, fast ball, slow ball, fireball, wall, ball mayhem and more!
  • Full soundtrack of cool music
  • Auto save helps you to continue the game were you left off
  • Second bat for serious players
  • Real physics engine behind the scenes that creates realistic ball movement!
  • Smooth, fast paced action, responsive user controls

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