Your tranquil home has been overrun by swarms of cartoonishly pesky flies. Go room by room and swat, drown, zap, shoot, burn, and naturally, squish them into submission. Try to avoid bee stings and swatting butterflies…


  • Openfeint – unlock achievements throughout the game
  • Try and use the special feature in every level to increase the points of every squish – you can activate the feature again when the green gauge on the top left of the screen recharges
  • Don’t squish bees – they sting!
  • If you squish 3 butterflies you will have to restart the level unless you kill 2 butterflies simultaneously or use a special feature first (same goes for bees)
  • Squishing 5 flies in a row gives you an extra 15 seconds on the level and a points bonus (collecting gold between kills won’t affect the sequence)
  • Collect gold to buy bigger and better weapons
  • Earn extra gold by hitting the required level score early
  • Squish ammo out of the flies for your elastic band, suction cup, and zap guns
  • Discover the rest as you play through!

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