Courage Wolf

Brave Wolf still needs help!

Courage Wolf Jump, epically addictive. A new generation Jump games comes to the App Store, complete with weapons, cash, specials abilities, multiple worlds, extra lives and bosses!


  • CASH SYSTEM: Collect coins as you play to buy weapons, special abilities and passive abilities. Choose your favorites and upgrade them to the max.
  • WEAPONS: Start off with howl, but use your cash to buy handguns and shotguns. Take down the enemies with ease. Three different upgrades are available for each weapon. A zombie bit you? Bite it back! A single tap the screen to use your weapon.
  • SPECIAL ABILITIES: Ultra Boost, Epic Howl and Super Mode. Choose whether you want to do an ultra jump up covering tons of height, an epic howl to destroy enemies, or the super mode to become invincible and bounce higher. Each special has 3 levels to unlock! A double tap on the screen uses your special ability.
  • PASSIVE ABILITIES: Longer Jump, Coin Multiplier and Extra Lives.
  • BOSS FIGHTS: At the end of each world there are boss fights. Beware!

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