Little Chatterbox

Little Chatterbox puts fun into learning languages!

Are you keen for your child to learn a new language? Are you looking for tools that will help you along the way?

Little Chatterbox puts fun into learning languages!

Little Chatterbox is an innovative app that helps children acquire 300 key day-to-day words. Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese and English are all included in one game.

Little Chatterbox features older children as “virtual teachers” as children learn better from other children. Little Chatterbox is also the only language app using video rather than just audio so children can see how the words are really pronounced. And Little Chatterbox conceals rote vocabulary learning activities within four fun games your child will actually want to play.

Little Chatterbox is designed for kids, but you can brush up on your rusty Spanish or even try an entirely new language!

Key features:
– real children are featured as teachers to make the language come alive
– you can watch these children pronounce words
– there are 16 screens featuring elements of children’s everyday life – the home, the doctor’s office, the beach, the school…
– there are a total of 300 day-to-day vocabulary words
– 4 games repeat the words over and over
– you can put the game in mono-lingual setting for older children or bilingual setting for younger ones

Find out about our app and more about learning languages on our website

– The app can be downloaded free of charge. You will be able to access one screen and see how the games help with memorisation
– If you like playing with the game, you can download the next set of screens and words, or the whole game, are available as in-app purchases
– These are one-time purchases which will permanently unlock the content of for your account
– No advertising, text or pop-ups


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