Become the 2019 Chess Master!

Join the chessboard and play the most famous strategy board game in history. Tailored for mobile and tablet, enjoy free unlimited games based on your level. 
Tired of being serious? Discover the unique mini chess puzzles or solve the daily board! 
Chess is the best way to exercise your reflexion and analytical skills! 


– 4 difficulty levels to adjust the opponent to your skill
– Discover every day unique tactic puzzle
– Play the innovative mini chess mode with dedicated and fun gameplay
– Complete games to win crowns and unlock unique backgrounds and pieces
– Smart hints that will show you the best move
– Tutorial accessible at any moment
– Play off and online
– Crafted with passion for smartphones and tablets for the best experience whenever you want, wherever you are

Remember the most important tips of Chess: 
Tips 1: Don’t rush, take your time
Tips 2: Control the center
Tips 3: Always be alert
Tips 4: Keep your King safe at all cost
Tips 5: Have fun!