Duck Hunter

A brand new title based on the classic duck hunt formula!


Duck Hunter, a brand new title based on the classic duck hunt formula. Shoot the ducks and pigeons that fly across the screen through multiple levels. Simple enough gameplay for casual players yet deep enough for hardcore players.

Get your nostalgic fill with the retro gameplay but also experience the fresh graphics and interactive gameplay the iPhone / iPod Touch offers


  • Simple fluid gameplay. Touch the screen to shoot the ducks or pigeons that fly across. You have 3 shots until you have to reload. Make sure to keep a finger on the reload button
  • Clean fluid and highly polished graphics. Has the heart of the old duck hunt game style with a fresh artistic feel
  • Go through multiple settings and levels from the basic forest to the cold winter land
  • Score enough points to advance through the levels. Watch out not to hit the doves!
  • Includes leaderboards using OpenFeint. Compete with friends and show off your scores to the world.
  • Settings: Including the ability to turn off different sounds.

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