Ball Wars HD

The ultimate robotic war of the future!

It’s time to choose your side in Ball Wars, the ultimate robotic war of the future. Ball Wars is the final fight between the Blue and Red Robotic Balls – and you’re going to help! Use clever tactics in order to fight the good fight. Strategies using different ball formations can help you defeat the enemy. One such strategy is moving your fighters close to each other so that they can gain more energy. Once you have them placed together, aim at your opponent and destroy them with one huge energy blast!

In the game, you can also use the walls to help isolate and destroy the enemy robot balls. Bounce your Robot Balls off of the walls so you can attack your enemy from any angle! In different levels, there will also be obstacles and metal triangle formations on the wall that you can use to your advance. Bounce, hide, and dodge your way to victory with this additions to the battlefield!

If you want to defeat the enemy, you will have to stay on your toes. Ball Wars is a fast paced game that is a cross between and arcade game and a board game. There is plenty of action, but you need to be ready to use strategy! Ball Wars is a two-player game. Each player controls a set of 10 Robot Balls of two types: heavy fighter bots and light fighter bots. Although the Robot Balls are placed onto the board in a randomized formation, once the game starts you can cleverly strategize to make more deadly formations of Balls. Any Ball can gain energy from the friendly Balls around them. Tighter formations give more energy to the Balls, and loose formations give less. The only way an attacking Ball can destroy its targeted opponent is if its energy level is higher.

So keep your formations tight, use the walls wisely, and be ready for the fight of your life! Things you need to know about Ball Wars!


  • The game has fast smooth action
  • Ball Wars has stunning visual effects
  • You need to use tactics, reflexes and quick decisions to win!
  • Exciting sound effects and vibrating music are behind every fight
  • Bouncer walls that you can use in your strategy
  • You can use rocks and obstacles to hide behind during the fight
  • And most importantly – fight until the last opponent is down! The last robot standing wins!
  • Ball Wars is a game designed for two players.

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