Undoda and the Mind’s Eye

Combining the imagination of a narrated children’s storybook with the pure action of touchscreen and tilt-based gaming, “Undoda And The Mind’s Eye” introduces kids to the concept of multimind learning without sacrificing fun.

Developed using reading comprehension techniques used to improve understanding of abstract words, Undoda teaches kids to:

  • Spell, read and use in a sentence their foundational words
  • Match letters, images and symbols on a multi-dimensional plane
  • Solve time-based puzzles through abstract thinking and memorization


  • Original story with audio narration by a professional storyteller
  • 27 beautiful storybook illustrations to fuel the imagination
  • 3 different learning games with 25 fun levels to play
  • 59 words and the upper and lower case alphabet
  • Universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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