Retro Racer X

Take a fast trip back in time with this awesome game!


This amazing LCD racing game brings back memories of old school hand held video gaming like never before! With extremely accurate graphics, game play, and sweet, sweet LCD action, this fun game has it all! To play you simply have to race your LCD car around the track and beat as many of the others as you can! This awesome game truly exhibits just how far gaming has come since the 80’s! Download Retro Racer X now!

Retro Racer X Features:
• Fun LCD Game
• Post High Score to your Facebook profile
• Compete with other racers with Game Center
• Classic Retro gaming
• Old school video game car racing
• Amazing 1980’s handheld video game
• Excellent blend of retro and modern graphics
• Professionally developed and brilliantly designed game

Get racing old school style!
Download Retro Racer X: The Time Machine Supercell SG1 now!


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