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Unique Musical Game

Welcome to PIANO LEARNING GAMES – A unique musical game that helps kids learn how to play the piano in a fun and engaging manner. It is the world’s best piano teaching app and offers fabulous support to traditional piano lessons. This amazing musical app will enthrall kids 4 – 12 years old and help them experience the joy of playing their first tunes.


  • A colorful, lively and interactive way for kids to learn music using the sounds of a Grand Piano.
  • The app has a main character called LITTLE QUIVER who lives inside the App and knows just how to teach young children about the keyboard, pitch, finger numbering, and the names of the keys.
  • LITTLE QUIVER, whose feet are musical notes that dance across the keyboard, interacts with and encourages its young piano students.
  • LITTLE QUIVER gives the kids musical tasks. Watch him scurry across the keyboard with delight every time they get it right!
  • “Can you press the correct key?” LITTLE QUIVER asks. “You won!” he says.
  • With the help of LITTLE QUIVER and PIANO LEARNING GAMES kids will soon be using their little fingers one by one to play their first simple tune.



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