Zig Zag Zoe

zig-zag-zoe is a significantly improved version of tic-tac-toe, where each slot contains *another* tic-tac-toe board

whoever connects 3 tiles on the main board wins the game, & to claim a slot on the main board, a player must win the sub-board inside that slot

a random sub-board is chosen for player #1 on the first move. then, each player’s choice determines *which sub-board* the next player can drop a tile in

this makes zig-zag-zoe incredibly complex!! the default board size has 81 slots, so zig-zag-zoe lasts much, much longer than tic-tac-toe lasts…

it’s a really fun strategy game, so you should check it out!! 🙂

#====[[ features ]]====#

[–O] options to play against 3 levels of artificial intelligence
[——o] this artificial intelligence uses the same algorithm used by the strongest chess engines in the world!!

[–O] board size is configurable to {4-by-3} or {4-by-4} in addition to the default {3-by-3}
[——o] option for {4 tiles in a row} to win on the larger board sizes!

[–O] “stalemate” options for whether a player wins, loses, or draws when sent to a sub-board without any empty slots

[–O] toggle colors & sounds

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