Mandarin Shooter Quest


MANDARIN SHOOTER QUEST (MSQ) is a competitive, addictive and gamified way to learn Mandarin…and it works. Our initial test group saw students improve from 30% accuracy to 86% accuracy in one week after just 14 minutes of gameplay per day.

Choose from three characters to help you navigate through 150+ levels on your quest to master learning Chinese! Over 2,000 words are included, broken down into sections so everyone from the first time learner to more advanced speakers can gain value.

Players will learn Mandarin while exploring metropolises such as Shanghai and masterpieces of nature like Yellow Mountain and Yangshuo, play with pandas in Chengdu, discover ornaments of history including Xi’an and Lhasa, venture across the Gobi Desert from Xinjiang into Inner Mongolia and explore the icy splendours of what was once known as Manchuria in the form of Harbin.

Chose to learn the characters (Black Belt) or just the way to speak Chinese words through pinyin (White Belt).

The game leverages the latest scientific principles including:
– 80/20 Principle
– Memory Repetition
– Thematic Group Sets
– The Rule of 7
– Competitive Motivation and more

Shoot your way through up to six different combinations of the same word, creating those extra hooks needed for higher recall rates of any given word just when you need! The Master Level at the end of every stage acts as a review tool to refresh all words learned during a given Stage.

Two game streams to choose from:


Scientifically selected words broken down into three sections:
– Foundation (Stages 1-5: 200 words)
– General (Stages 6-17: 600 words)
– Specialist (Stages 18-24: 350+ words)



The official standardised Mandarin examination (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) structured to follow the HSK Standard Course Textbooks by Beijing Language and Culture University Press. Sectioned as follows:
– HSK 1 (Stages 1-4: 163 words)
– HSK 2 (Stages 5-8: 154 words)
– HSK 3 (Stages 9-14: 293 words)
– HSK 4 (Stages 15-24: 590 words)

Enhance your Mandarin learning outcomes by using the Cheats to provide on the spot help when you get stuck, or select a better weapon for faster shooting!


– SHOP function
– 24 City Stages
– Containing Over 150 Levels
– 2,000+ Vocabulary Words
– ‘Most Used’ Word Stream
– Learn characters or just pinyin
– Official HSK Exam Word Stream
– HSK Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4
– 5 x Weapons Choices
– 4 x In-game Cheats – Learn Faster!
– 3 x Characters to Choose From
– Native sound playback for each word
– HSK Vocab Follows Textbook
– Poster Word Lists Available for HSK and General

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